I have a confession to make...

When I was in high school I bought a solid white leather pant/jacket outfit with silver studs on the shoulders and thought I was pretty cool.  Now looking back, I am not sure that "cool"  was the correct word to describe the outfit, I'm pretty sure it was closer to an Elvis impersonator outfit, ha.  If you had asked my best friend, she would have thought it was pretty rad, but that is only because she had a solid teal leather outfit...who did we think we were at 17?  Sometimes I need to remember to be that fearless 17 year old who simply loved fashion.  Bottom line...I was going to wear what I wanted to wear because it made me feel good.

Isn't that what style is all about?  Evolving and hopefully getting better with age?  One thing that hasn't changed since high school is that I still have an infatuation with leather.  I don't think I will ever wear a solid white leather outfit again, but I do love the idea of mixing leather into your everyday wardrobe and creating outfits that work for your style.

I finally found some vegan leather leggings that I had to get (I have been on the hunt since fall trends were released) and decided I would share with you all some of my favorite ways to wear leather for the season since I was already playing in my closet mixing and matching new outfits!

The first look I really loved was pairing the leggings with a great tunic.  For me, I of course chose a blouse with some ethnic embroidery, added some great cuffs and bangles, big earrings, some booties and called it a day.  You could achieve this same look with another blouse, or a oversized sweater and it would be great also.


For the second legging look, I went cozy.  That is what is great about leather, you can really turn it into any look that suits your mood.  I have several amazing scarfs from India, that I'm always searching for outfits that compliment them without taking away the beauty of the scarf.  So for this outfit, I paired a black knit, used the scarf as a shawl and added again some great jewelry and ankle boots to pull the look together.  I love this look for dinner, a movie, shopping around town, the options are endless.


Since not everyone has or is going to buy some leather pants for the season, I also wanted to show a few looks with a leather jacket.  I really like to use my leather jacket for an actual part of my outfit and not just as an outer layer.  This next outfit is pretty much a staple in the fall and winter for me.  Throwing on my favorite jeans, t-shirt, scarf, and boots with my leather jacket is completely in my comfort zone.  What I really love about it, is that the jacket instantly take your t-shirt to the cool zone without trying too hard.  It's comfortable and anyone can pull it off!


For the last look, I wanted to also show you how to wear your leather jacket with your  go to dress since the previous outfit was more casual.  For this look, I wore my favorite black dress, added a belt, some patterned tights, a great hat, and a pair of my favorite boots.  Accessories really can enhance a simple dress!   This look can go from day to night very easily and again can be adjusted depending on your style and wardrobe.


And don't fret...if you aren't going to invest in any leather pants or  jackets this year, that is completely fine!  There are other great options out there that just have touches of leather detailing on them for those who want to be a part of the trend, but in a more subtle way!

I hope that this inspires you to embrace your inner 17 year old, fearless self and you feel compelled to take a few chances with your own outfits.

What is your favorite fashion trend of the season?  Mine clearly is leather...



AuthorLeigh Ann Chatagnier